Today, shopping malls, including grocery stores, cosmetics, accessories and more, are also being used for socialization and entertainment purposes, and you need to make your customers relax, have fun and spend more time there. . Although the aesthetic appearance of shopping malls and shops is extremely important, their functionality is just as important. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to all factors in store design, including shelving equipment, lighting, sound system and color selection.

Rafex offers alternative and creative solutions that allow for more efficient use of space in the placement of goods, their timely and quick storage, and provide convenience to customers when shopping through easy access to the product.

With the guarantee of Rafex, we offer our customers the following equipment for stores: metal racks - standard and economy class, racks for fruits and vegetables, cash modules, racks for bread and pasta, input and output elements, wire products, frames and accessories, Baskets, Boutique accessories.

Economic market units

Standard market units

Shelves for fruits and vegetables

Cash modules

Bread racks and pasta

Equipment for boutiques

Input and output elements

Wire products

Frames and accessories