Warehouse management can be accomplished in the most efficient way thanks to the Rafex shelves specially designed for storage. The use of storage racks is critical to preserving products, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Shelving systems are generally preferred by logistics companies, wholesalers or retailers. Storage systems allow you to use this space with maximum efficiency, even in small spaces. Also, shelving cabinets allow regular ordering of materials, protecting them from harmful environmental factors and providing easy access to materials.

Rafex offers to its customers a wide variety of light and heavy duty shelving systems.

Lightweight shelving systems are ideal for medium volume warehouses. The system allows to combine with other systems and allows storage of small size products. The racks used are strong and rigid. The construction allows quick and easy installation - disassembly. It is preferred in supermarkets and in archive stores. The coating of the elements is electrostatic.

The accessories add to the harmony in the warehouses.

Heavy duty shelving systems are made of St 37, St 44 and St 52 standard steel material. • The thickness of the manufactured profiles is 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm. • The thickness of the countertop panels is 1.2 - 1.5mm and 2mm and are made of DKP SHEET and galvanized material. • Supporting sleepers are made of St 37 material and in different colors depending on their weight. (Their profile height is CC80-100-120-140-160 and their thickness is 1.5mm and 2mm).

Heavy goods storage racks

Lightweight warehouse shelves

Archive racks