RAFEX designs, supplies and installs warehouse and shop equipment.
RAFEX aims to be a company open to innovation and change that will increase its competitive strength in the service sector. Respects environmental values. It does not abandon its quality objective in its products and services.
The product range includes:
• Refrigerators
• Storage pallets for heavy pallet loads
• Storage shelves for light loads
• Shelves for shops
• Cash modules
• Work tables for workshops and workshops
• CNC Machines and Tools drawers
• Lockers for changing rooms
• Baskets, carts
• Input / output elements
• Cookies
• Stands
• Accessories
• Row plastic boxes
• IT systems
• Restrictive pylons and barriers
Over the years, RAFEX has been building the name of the right partner, thanks to successful projects and quality assurance. With an individual approach, attention to detail and speed of execution, we strive to be as flexible as possible to the dynamically changing market conditions and to offer adequate solutions for our clients' needs.
Our customers include warehouses, hypermarkets, grocery stores, industrial goods, auto parts, building materials, bookstores and more.
Most important to us are long-term relationships based on professionalism and loyalty, which are a guarantee of success and stable development.

Quality guarantee

RAFEX responds to the needs of its customers as soon as possible. Our consultants will help you make the right choice according to your needs. Meeting the warranty conditions without leaving our customers in a difficult situation.

Mission and vision

To be a globally competitive, environmentally sensitive company, open to innovation and development, meeting our customers' expectations, contributing to the country's economy through efficient use of resources.